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    Dr. med. Barbara Jahns

    team member

    Professional Experiences: 

    • 1986-2000 Assistant (House) Doctor Inducement Gynaecology Unit, Paracelsus Clinic, Henstedt-Ulzburg
    • Specialist Chieft Doctor Inducement Gynaecology/Obstetric Unit, January 1, 2000 Paracelsus Clinic, Henstedt-Ulzburg & ongoing Specializing in Gynaecological, Oncology and Senology
    • Since January 2008 up to present, Gynaecology/Obstetric Doctor of the German Medical Centre, Sharjah U.A.E.

    Special Interests:

    • Premarital counseling, Family counseling, Contraceptive counseling, Gynaecological counseling and Breast cancer counseling.
    • Pregnancy check up with ultrasound, cardiotocography and blood examinations
    • Gynaecological examination with cytology and ultrasound
    • Breast examination with ultrasound
    • Vaccination against cervix-cancer

    Language Spoken:

    • German
    • English

    Detailed Profile:

    • 1972, Curschmannstrasse Girls Abitur (high school Grammar School, Hamburg diploma) Specialism: Science
    • 1978, Undergraduate Study of Biology 1st State Examination Teaching and Sports Science (equiv. to B.Sc. Hons.) Diploma Freie Univ. Berlin
    • 1984, Postgraduate Study of Human Approbation Medicine, FU Berlin (equiv. to M. Sc)
    • 1982-1983 Doctoral thesis on the significance Steglitz clinic of late – potentials in the average ECG Berlin of post-cardiac arrest patients.
    • 1991, Specialist Paramedic Certificate Qualification Medical Council of Schleswig-Holstein
    • Paracelsus Clinic Specialist 1997 Gynaecology Henstedt-Ulzburg & Obstetrics
    • 2002, Professional Development course Certificate – Organized by the German Cancer Logical Society (Deutsche Krebsgesellschaft) oncology in oncological diagnosis and therapy .