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    Don’t forget your ESME – vaccination (Tick borne Encephalo Meningitis) !!!

    Don’t forget your ESME – vaccination (Tick borne Encephalo Meningitis) !!!

    For all who will spend their vacation in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Eastern Europe!

    For sure a lot of  you would like to spend your summer vacation  in Germany or Europe.

    Before you head off on vacation it’s advised to have your vaccination status especially the ESME – vaccination (ticks – vaccination) checked.

    The from ticks transferred ESME meningitis increased within the last couple of years and spreads further to the north.

    The from ticks transferred virus can cause an encephalitis and/or meningitis.

    As ESME areas within Germany all areas south of Frankfurt are considered as well as Switzerland, Austria and especially East Europe.

    After the outbreak of the disease the so called ESME encephalitis can only be treated symptomatically not causally.

    In 30% of the cases remain neurological deficits after remission of the acute disease for example paralysis or other neurological symptoms.

    Don’t shirk or run away to get the ESME vaccination, because only the vaccination can save your life or preserve you from serious long term damages.

    In 2013 the reputable Robert Koch Institute ( registered a significant increase (115 % !!) of confirmed ESME cases.

    After the very mild winter in Europe, it is pretty likely that the ESME cases will soar again strongly.

    The ESME-vaccination is done with 3 vaccinations. After the first the second should be done after 1 to 3 month.  The vaccine protection exists about 2 weeks after the second vaccination so that the spring is the ideal time to start with the ESME vaccination.

    The third ESME should be done after 9 to 12 month. The refresher of the vaccination must be done after 3 years.

    You can get the vaccination in the German Medical Clinic it will be paid by all private international health insurances.

    If you have further questions about this very important topic please don’t hesitate to give me a call (050-35 36 396) or write me an Email (

    With the best wishes for you and your families


    Doc Christian