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    Please don’t forget your influenza vaccination !

    Please take the risk of an Influenza infection seriously.

    Please don’t forget your influenza vaccination !

    Dear Patients,

    If you start the webpage of the Robert Koch Institute ( you will see my headline:

    Please take the risk of an Influenza infection seriously.

    The school year has just begun, the Eid Holidays are just finished.

    The spread of Influenza-A Virus is related to the travel season.

    Through an Influenza vaccination you will be protected against the disease within 10 days.

    For sure you remember the so called swine flu in the year of 2009 and before that it was the bird flu in 2002/2003.

    From studies we know flu epidemics take place every 3 to 6 years, which is already a good argument for the influenza vaccination.

    You might also remember my newsletter regarding the Middle East Corona Virus.

    Therefore there are many reasons to argue for the influenza vaccination.

    The flu (influenza) is a contagious respiratory disease. The transmission path takes place via coughing, sneezing the so called droplet infection.

    Typical symptoms and therefore disease proving is the sudden start of the disease (within hours) with severe general malaise, high fever, dry cough, blocked or runny nose.

    The influenza quite often leads to dangerous complications such as pneumonia or myocarditis.

    According to the Robert Koch Institute more than 5 million people in Germany fell sick in winter 2002/2003 and more than 16.000 died.

    Therefore the Robert Koch Institute recommends that out of all people, people over the age of 60, patients with chronic diseases and all people who are professionally or privately in contact with many people (supermarket, shopping malls, airport, plane, schools and medical personnel) should be vaccinated.

    You can get the influenza vaccination 2016/2017  in our  German Medical Clinic, Sharjah.

    The vaccine we use is European produced by the company Abbot, based in Netherlands.

    With warm regards,

    Dr. Christian Heidenreich | Managing Director

    Medical Doctor of the German Consulate

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